Cavity Wall Section

Cavity Wall Section is a stretchable 2D symbol that displays brick and block skins, and, optionally, insulation and plaster. The dimensions of the bricks, blocks and mortar can be customised, and the brick and insulation skins can be separately extended.


  • The number of blocks and bricks are calculated according to the total height of the object.
  • Parametric dimensions for the bricks, blocks, insulation, mortar, plaster and render.
  • Separate offsets for the height of the brick and insulation skins.
  • Turn the plaster, render and insulation on and off.
  • Settings for the 2D representation of the blocks, bricks, insulation, mortar, plaster and render.
  • Control the display with ArchiCAD's Partial Structure Display setting.


For use with:

  • ARCHICAD 21 Teamwork / Solo

Product Code: GDLCAVW21

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